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TelcoAlert FAX / Line Monitoring

Our full featured fax monitoring and notification service provides real time, end-to-end validation from your customers point of view.

Our easy to use, highly reliable monitoring service checks your fax lines at intervals selected by you and will notify you or your technical staff via email if the line is down, busy or otherwise unreachable. Before you are notified, TelcoAlert triple checks your fax line using multiple telecom carriers to ensure you do not receive false positives.

Whether you are a small business with one fax machine or a large enterprise with fax servers across the globe, external fax monitoring can help you increase system uptime and gain a competitive advantage!

With TelcoAlert you can now get fax issues resolved before your customers call to complain. Our fax monitoring system provides graphical real time and historical reporting. Your free trial account includes access to all these features of TelcoAlert so you can see firsthand what fax monitoring can do for you!

Be notified instantly when fax, circuit or power outages occur. Never miss another important document from a client again.

FAX / Line Monitoring Features
  • Triple check on error to prevent false alerts
  • On-demand and monthly automated reporting
  • 90 days of call history kept on file
  • Centralized web portal to add, delete, and manage numbers
  • Notification alerts via email or text
  • Tested every 15, 30, or 60 minutes
  • 14-day fully functional free trial
  • No setup fee

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Don't Have A Fax Machine?

We like to think of this as our general purpose monitoring offering. If there is something on the remote end that answers, we can monitor it, so you're not strictly limited to just FAX.

If you are interested in utilizing TelcoAlert for a custom monitoring solution, please contact with your inquiry and we'll do our best to work with you!

FAX Monitoring FAQ

What is TelcoAlert Fax Monitoring?

TelcoAlert is a unique hosted monitoring solution that ensures your fax systems and voice circuits are online. Fax monitoring is critical for any business that relies on faxing such as insurance companies, pharmacies, property management, resellers, HR departments, banks, the list goes on. Our ability to communicate with your fax machine allows full testing of the power infrastructure and voice circuits (analog, T1, DS3) that the fax machine is connected to.

How does it work?

TelcoAlert will dial your FAX line every 15, 30, or 60 minutes, ensure that the call is answered, and that the modem connects cleanly. If your line is BUSY or does not answer, you will be alerted. If the handshake fails, you will be alerted.

How do I know I am not going to receive a false alert?

Error conditions are triple checked using TelcoAlert's diverse multipath connectivity and geographically diverse data centers to ensure you do not receive false positives. We understand that when a critical page goes out to your team it must be accurate. timely and never a false alert.

Do you send a fax with each check?

No. TelcoAlert is designed to monitor the availability of your system and telecom lines. Once a connection is made with your device, we disconnect. This eliminates unncessary paper waste and office supply overhead costs.

Is a contract required?

TelcoAlert monitoring is delivered on a month-to-month subscription basis via a simple Service Agreement. You may cancel at anytime without penalty with a 30 day notice. Unlike other monitoring systems, there are no setup fees or upfront costs of any kind. A one-year Service Agreement is available as an option, offering a 10% discount for annual payment.

How much does FAX Monitoring cost?

Check out our pricing calculator here.