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IVR and Call Center Load Testing Services

Simulate real-world, remote telephone traffic to your call center or IVR system.
Validate telephone line capacity or test system breaking points before a production outage occurs.

What Is TelcoAlert Load Testing?

TelcoAlert's Load Testing solution is a simple-to-use and cost-effective service that can generate up to 10,000 simultaneous calls to your IVR and Call Center systems. Calls are generated remotely and access your system through the public telephone network, providing real world traffic from your customer's point of view. TelcoAlert's Load Testing solution is a hosted service, which means that you do not have to purchase any hardware or software and no additional equipment is added to your infrastructure.

Utilizing the proven technology core created for TelcoAlert's 24/7 monitoring infrastructure, our load testing service expands upon on the idea of passive monitoring checks and is designed to test a phone system to its limits, either with typical call volume or up to the breaking point. This allows you to identify bottlenecks and fix any problems before a production outage occurs during peak business hours.


Why Do I Need To Perform Load Testing?

Load testing can benefit companies both large and small, either by validating that existing equipment is operating correctly under a high volume of calls or testing new equipment/phone lines before they are rolled into production.


Some common reasons are:

  • Ensure that current equipment is operating at expected capacity
  • Validate line capacity of newly turned up circuits
  • Test IVR capacity at peak traffic times
  • Validate IVR or site failover
  • Measure call quality during high loads
  • IVR menu tree navigation functionality
  • Dropped calls or system hangups
  • Whether IVR-related backend web calls are functioning correctly


How Does It Work?

TelcoAlert's Load Testing solution simulates exactly what your customers would do on a peak business day. Through customized, pre-defined scripts (that our engineers build for you for free), TelcoAlert dials up to 10,000 simultaneous calls that connect to your IVR, navigate your phone tree, authenticate with credentials, check account balances, or simply stay on hold for as long as necessary.

The test is entirely defined by you, including the test time, how frequently calls are launched, what each call does, and how long they remain connected. We provide detailed reporting and audio recordings of every call so that you can identify exactly what went wrong if anything fails during the test.

A TelcoAlert load test engineer is on the phone with you for the entirety of the test, providing you with real-time feedback on the status of calls and we are able to stop and restart the test as needed should errors be encountered.

Benefits Of TelcoAlert's Load Testing Solution
  • Validation that your IVR and call center can handle peak traffic days
  • Full navigation of your IVR tree and that validation prompts are working correctly
  • Call recording and speech-to-text analysis of every call
  • Identify bottlenecks in your current infrastructure
  • Verify that all circuits, trunks, routers, and servers function properly when system is at maximum load
  • Provides quantifiable data for capacity and budget planning
  • Post validation after infrastructure changes, telephony upgrades and data center moves
  • Identifying unknown issues through stress testing before they are discovered by your customers
  • Most competitive pricing in the industry


What Is Required To Get Started?

Help is only one phone call or email away! TelcoAlert's load testing team will work with you to come up with a unique test strategy for your company using the parameters that you supply. Most tests can be performed within 24 hours after contact, seven days a week, so there is no need to wait weeks for testing to begin.

Curious about potential cost? You can use the load testing Pricing Calculator to figure out any costs involved to perform the testing you require.

Whether you are turning up a new circuit or are interested in testing out the capacity of your IVR, load testing offers benefits to businesses of all sizes. Don't wait for a production outage to find out what your system limitations are! TelcoAlert's Load Testing solution is the answer to determine your system bottlenecks and capacity so you can be confident during your peak business days that there will be no disruption.