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  • TelcoAlert IVR Mapper (Automated IVR Discovery)

    TelcoAlert is proud to announce the launch of our new IVR Mapper service, a hosted / cloud solution which aids in mapping out your IVR or Call Center systems and produces interactive web or PDF documentation of your IVR trees and call flows.

    Let manual documentation generation be a thing of the past. Save time and frustration with TelcoAlert's automated discovery and documentation service.


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  • IVR System Monitoring

    TelcoAlert will call your IVR, translate the speech, and alert you of any issues.

    Includes a free 14-day trial.

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  • FAX or Line Monitoring

    TelcoAlert will dial your line, validate connectivity, and alert you of any issues.

    Includes a free 14-day trial.

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  • IVR Load Testing

    Load Testing is a simple to use and cost effective hosted service to generate up to 10,000 simultaneous calls to your IVR and Call Center.

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  • Telecom Auditing

    TelcoAlert can perform automated audits of your telecom infrastructure and report what numbers connect to where.

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About Our Services

TelcoAlert is the leading provider of hosted solutions for monitoring and load testing your telecom infrastructure. IVR Monitoring ensures that your system is constantly tested from the customer's point of view 24/7 and that your IT staff is immediately alerted of any issues. Load testing stresses your telephony system's limitations and discovers bottlenecks so you can resolve them before peak business days. TelcoAlert provides end-to-end solutions to increase your uptime SLAs, reduce downtime and meet your customer's expectations.

TelcoAlert Feature Highlights

  • Supports speech enabled and touch tone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Real time, 24/7 monitoring from your customer's point of view
  • Graphical reporting for both IVR Monitoring and Load Testing
  • Phone system agnostic, works with on premise and hosted solutions
  • Centralized web monitoring portal with access to all features and configuration options
  • Records all monitoring and load test calls for later playback and review
  • Free technical support, no setup fees, zero upfront cost

TelcoAlert provides hosted solutions, so there is no local software required.