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TelcoAlert IVR Mapper (Automated IVR Discovery Tool)

Save time and the frustration that comes with having to manually create documentation for your IVR systems.
Generate an interactive, visual mapping of your IVR trees automatically with IVR Mapper in a fraction of the time.


What Is TelcoAlert IVR Mapper?

TelcoAlert's IVR Mapper solution is a hosted / cloud service that maps out your IVR and Call Center systems and produces interactive web documentation of your IVR trees and call flows. Built on the foundation of our enterprise IVR monitoring solution, IVR Mapper will navigate your IVR system using DTMF, following available call paths, recording each IVR menu, and accurately transcribing the speech to text. Calls are generated remotely and access your system through the public telephone network, which means that you do not have to purchase any hardware or software and no additional equipment is added to your infrastructure.

Let manual documentation generation be a thing of the past. Save time and frustration with TelcoAlert's automated discovery and documentation service.



How Does It Work?

Example Output (Click for bigger version)

The IVR Mapper service dials into your system using a publicly available telephone number (similar to how a customer would reach your IVR) and begins recording menu prompts. The Mapper service will analyze each menu, determine the available navigation options based on the messaging, and will make subsequent calls to progress through the new IVR levels and options as needed. Each new IVR prompt is recorded and the audio is translated into text as part of the documentation map.

IVR Mapper offers full support for DTMF navigation, which can include entering account numbers or zip codes as needed by the system.

Once the mapping has been complete, an interactive web portal is generated for your review, allowing you to view the IVR tree, review the navigation and text transcriptions, as well as click on each IVR node for audio playback and metadata. We also provide you with a PDF copy of your IVR flow as well as all of the audio files recorded during the mapping.

Staying true to TelcoAlert's service philosophy of keeping things simple, there is no need for complicated setup or IVR model creation. Just give us your telephone number and preferred testing schedule and we'll start mapping your IVR.



Benefits Of TelcoAlert's IVR Mapper Solution

Documenting your call flows or manually mapping out unknown IVR systems can be a pain-staking and labor intensive process. With TelcoAlert's IVR Mapper solution, you can sit back and relax while we do all the work.

  • "Hands off" automated IVR discovery and mapping
  • Interactive web or printable PDF documentation
  • No complicated setup process or special IVR model required
  • Platform agnostic - supports all major IVR systems
  • Easy to use - just schedule and go!
  • Tiered pricing, based on the size of your IVR - no hidden fees
  • Single-threaded or multiple calls at once for faster mapping
  • Can also be used for periodic "delta" testing to see what has changed


What Is Required To Get Started?

Our IVR Mapper offering is a very straightforward cloud solution. There is no special software to install and some IVR mappings are as simple as providing us with your IVR number and scheduled start time. However, other customers may have special requests or unique environments, so we recommend that all interested parties Contact Us so that we can provide assistance or set up a call with our sales team.