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Call Center Agent | Agent Queue Monitoring Services

Gain peace of mind that your call center IVR and agent queues are working as expected.
Monitor customer queue hold times and validate that individual agents are actively answering calls.


What Is TelcoAlert Agent Queue (AgentQ) Monitoring?

TelcoAlert's AgentQ Monitoring solution is a simple-to-use and cost-effective service that actively monitors your IVR and Call Center systems, possessing the ability to both validate your customer-facing IVR functionality and directly interact with your live agents in real-time. Calls are generated remotely and access your system through the public telephone network, providing real world traffic from your customer's point of view. TelcoAlert's AgentQ Monitoring solution is a hosted service, which means that you do not have to purchase any hardware or software and no additional equipment is added to your infrastructure.

Utilizing the proven technology core created for TelcoAlert's 24/7 IVR monitoring infrastructure, our agent queue monitoring service goes beyond the idea of simply making automated system checks and adds the capability to interact with your call agents and mimic customer call traffic. This allows you to know that your call queues are routing correctly, that they are being answered by live people, and within a timeframe you dictate.

If any of these requirements are not met, you will be notified immediately.



How Does It Work?

TelcoAlert's AgentQ Monitoring service is a new way of thinking about how you monitor your telephone and call center systems. Building off the proven functionality of our IVR monitoring solution, AgentQ elevates automated monitoring checks that not only validate your IVR and phone system but also interact directly with live phone agents, giving you peace of mind that your entire telephone network is operating as expected.

The AgentQ Monitoring solution makes real phone calls into your IVR or call center system from external sources -- simulating actual customer call traffic -- and based on parameters you supply, it will validate that your system is performing as expected.

The first step is validating that your line is up and accepting calls. If we get a busy signal, operator message, or it simply does not answer, you will be alerted. Once connected, we validate that your IVR greeting is accurate using our custom speech-to-text recognition technology that powers all of our other monitoring services. If your IVR message deviates from what is expected or if silence/dead air is experienced, you will be notified.

After the initial validation, the exact steps per client will differ but each call can either navigate through your IVR using DTMF or simply be dropped into a queue while waiting for agents to answer the call. If the call is disconnected prematurely, you will be alerted. If the call sits in the hold queue for X amount of seconds (definable by you) and nobody picks up, you will be notified.

Does your hold queue play music while the caller waits? No problem. Intermittent "your call is important to us, please hold" messages? No problem.

Once the monitoring call is answered by your call center agent, an audio message is played that informs them this is a company test call and to acknowledge the call, either by pressing 1 or any other digit sequence. Both the audio message and the digit sequence is entirely customizable, allowing customers to supply their own audio file instead of using the default and to have agents enter their employeee ID instead of pressing 1, for example. If the agent does not acknowledge the call after three attempts, the call is hung up and you are notified.



Benefits Of TelcoAlert's AgentQ Monitoring Solution

Call center monitoring can benefit companies both large and small, whether you have only a handful of agents or thousands. Know that customer calls are being answered and routed to the appropriate place while ensuring that customers receive prompt attention by monitoring call lengths and hold times.

  • Validation that your IVR and call center systems are answering calls
  • Know that your customers are receiving the correct IVR greeting and menu tree
  • Be positive that calls are being routed to the correct destination
  • Monitor how long customers are on hold before agents answer
  • Ensure that customer calls reach live agents and not voicemail boxes
  • Monitor dropped calls or system hangups


What Is Required To Get Started?

Unlike our other monitoring offerings, AgentQ solutions are custom for each client, which allows us to design a monitoring setup that truly meets any need. If you are interested in learning more about this service and the benefits it can provide your company, please Contact Us to set up a call with our sales team.