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TelcoAlert Phone / Telecom Auditing

If you are a medium to large business you likely own thousands of DID numbers, POTS lines and toll free numbers. How do you keep track of all these lines and ensure you are not paying for unused lines and circuits?

TelcoAlert can perform an automated and efficient audit of every line you own and provide you with a detailed report of the results.

Additionally, a custom audio dashboard is compiled for you after your audit, which allows you to listen to full recordings from every call as well as read the translated text (via speech-to-text).

TelcoAlert's telecom auditing is the perfect solution for clearing out unused numbers that you're paying for unnecessarily or to validate employee extensions after an office move.

You provide us a list of numbers to audit and TelcoAlert handles the rest!

At just $0.30 per audited line the return on investment is immediate. If you were to cancel 100 lines tomorrow that are not in use, how much would you save?

Benefits Of Telecom Auditing
  • Catalog devices by type (Fax, IVR, Human/Voicemail, Disconnected, etc.)
  • Audio recordings of the call for each device
  • Speech to text translation of every recording
  • Improve security by knowing what devices are connected to your network
  • Save money by discovering and eliminating unneeded numbers
  • Get a better understanding of what devices are connected to your network

If you have any questions or are interested in this service, please submit a request using the contact form and a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

Telecom Auditing FAQ

What is Telecom Auditing?

TelcoAlert's auditing services work off a list of phone numbers you supply and each number is called, cataloged, and recorded for later review. A report and audio dashboard is provided at the conclusion of the test with the results.

How does it work?

For each number you want to audit, TelcoAlert will dial, validate that it answers (and report if it does not), and automatically determines what device answered (IVR, human, fax machine). The entire call is recorded and is translated via speech-to-text. At the end of the audit, a custom audio dashboard is compiled and supplied to you, where you can review all the calls and read the translations.

How quickly can I start testing?

In as little as five minutes, once the numbers are supplied to us. You can schedule the time of day you want the audit run and the same audit can be run multiple times.

Is a contract required?

No contract or obligation to continue using the service is required. You will be asked to provide proof of ownership for the numbers you're auditing, but you are not locked into a contract nor required to continue using TelcoAlert services afterward.