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What We Offer

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    World class monitoring and testing solutions at prices that are some of the lowest in the industry.

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    Years of professional experience in the telecom industry and a portfolio of hundreds of satisfied customers.

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    A friendly and experienced support staff available 24 hours a day to assist you with any problems you may have.

About TelcoAlert

TelcoAlert was founded in 2008 as a provider of hosted fax monitoring solutions. Since that time, we've made hundreds of millions of monitoring checks for thousands of satisfied customers. Using that same proven infrastructure and technology base, TelcoAlert has expanded to become a full-featured telecom monitoring and load testing services company.

What Makes TelcoAlert Work?

We employ a proprietary decentralized node infrastructure in more than fifteen data centers across the country. Data centers and node placement are chosen specifically to be independent of one another. Entire data centers (or regions) can go offline with absolutely zero impact to the overall monitoring infrastructure. This region-diverse approach not only affords TelcoAlert with ultimate fault-tolerance but allows us to better simulate traffic patterns from nationwide customers who may be using your service.

As an example, during one hour of normal monitoring checks, you might get calls from Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Toronto, or Atlanta, validating that your telecom infrastructure is up and reachable from all parts of the United States and Canada.

All Networks Are Not Created Equal!

There is no single best network path that works for every given customer. TelcoAlert understands this and similar to how our monitoring nodes are deployed in region-diverse data centers, we partner with a number of different telecom providers from across the country to find the absolute best path to monitor your systems. This allows TelcoAlert to use a completely custom call path through multiple providers to ensure you never get a false alert.

TelcoAlert As A Brand

In 2014, TelcoAlert was purchased by RCP Tech, Inc. and continues to operate as a brand under our new parent company.